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Where is my mail?

Our clients hire us for printing services because we sweat the details so they don’t have to. We maintain a constantly-updated database of our jobs, which includes all the information about each individual mailer, soup to nuts. We collect all drop/ship paperwork to confirm that the mailer has made it to the USPS. 

We also work with our vendors to track each outbound mail piece using seeds and either the intelligent barcodes generated by proprietary tracking software of the particular mail house (which is becoming much more common now that the USPS requires tracking), or Track My Mail intelligent bar codes (complete with web-based tracking reports). We also place a tracking code on inbound reply envelopes/cards (if they are used) so we can see how many are in the mail stream and when we anticipate they will arrive at the door.

If your project includes a reply device, we can work with a caging company to collect returned reply cards and provide you weekly reports that include any information respondents filled out on the reply cards, such as their name, address, phone number, email, etc. We will also provide you with PDF scans of these returned reply cards for your records on a weekly basis. We don’t just do basic printing services, we closely monitor your mail to make sure it gets there in time.

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