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Prepress to prevent mistakes

Before we send your piece to a mail shop, our print brokers review every aspect of it with a fine-toothed comb. We will send you a PDF or hard-copy print proof for your team’s final review and approval. This printer proof is also reviewed by two members of our team before it is approved to go to press, at which time we also reiterate all final details attached to the particular job. This process, with its various in-house and third-party checks, minimizes mistakes and helps make sure that the right pieces get to the right places. 

Our print shop system is designed to catch mistakes before it’s too late. If a mistake is found, our print brokers will immediately contact you and provide you with all of the details and the exact options to correct or minimize the impact of the mistake. Our team will act quickly to correct it and prevent any impact on timelines etc.

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