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Is my data secure?

Nonprofit printing for membership organizations and labor unions comes with sensitive data. At TCW Print Shop, we take data security seriously and we work to handle any voter file, member, or other data securely and with great care. 

We can work with an FTP, password-protected Dropbox accounts and other file transfer methods to obtain data from nonprofit printing clients. We will work with you to ensure whatever transfer method we use meets your security needs. We have a strict file nomenclature and protocol for keeping lists within our own system—every list is named with the job number it corresponds to. We send explicit instructions to the mail house to ensure there is no confusion about what list should be paired with what mail. We also double-check each file for total quantity, ZIP codes, and any other details that may be pertinent depending on the universe. Any mail data files are deleted and removed from our company server a period of 90 days after the mail has dropped unless otherwise specified.

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