Don’t Let Proofing Errors Derail Your Direct Mail

At The Campaign Workshop, we understand no one is perfect, and while mistakes can happen to anyone, they can not happen when you are printing thousands of copies of that mistake! Read about how to make sure your direct mail is perfect before you send it to print.

Republican Vs. Democratic Direct Mail

With today’s roaring partisanship, everyone assumes there is no overlap between Republicans and Democrats. Well, we think there may be one: direct mail! Both sides of the aisle use it, so let’s talk about how your party affects your printing. 

Campaign Signs ― Read This Before You Buy a Yard Sign!

If your campaign is getting off the ground and you decide the next step is to print yard signs, we advise you to slow down! Read as we talk you through all the important considerations involved with settling on political yard signs.

Die-Cut Mail Pieces

Do you know what it means to have your mail pieces die-cut? Dive deep into if this is a feasible option for your direct mail as we talk about factors like cost and time to see if die-cut mail is an option for you.

Political Mailers and the Union Printing Bug

Political mailers with the union bug stand out! If you want to print direct mail for a progressive campaign or organization, try your best to get the union bug on your pieces. Learn more with our guide to the union bug.

A Glossary for Political Direct Mail

Do you know all the terms related to political direct mail? Sometimes the technical jargon can feel overwhelming, so use our glossary! We make it easy to stay on top of the intricacies of political printing.

Cheap Campaign Signs | 10 Ways to Save on Political Signs

For some campaigns, yard signs are a great way to earn a candidate, particularly in local elections, some name recognition! Still, printing yard signs can be quite pricey. Check out our tips for saving on your campaign signs.

Why We Use Union Printers and You Should Too

Union printers are an important staple of the direct political mail world, and we think using them is important for upholding progressive values. But, there are many other reasons we think they are the best option for campaigns. Read our reasons for preferring union printers!

Political Direct Mail Part 2: Size Matters

Did you know that size (along with thickness) makes an impact on your direct mail? Political direct mail may come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and these differences certainly impact your pricing and shipping options at USPS.